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The Valdoonican Centre can provide a wide range of services by employing specialists in all fields to ensure companies receive a comprehensive service that meets all their requirements. Staff within the Valdoonican Occupational Health and Safety are highly trained specialist who keep their professional qualifications and accreditation’s up-to-date.  We are SEQOHS and CQC registered.

The Valdoonican Centre has over 27 years experience of providing high quality Occupational Health Services and consultancy based on sound risk management principles. We tailor the Occupational Health services that we offer to meet the individual client needs.

In July 2012 the Valdoonican Centre was accredited with SEQOHS including the NHS standards domain G

The Valdoonican Vaccination Clinic offers travel advice, vaccinations, travel medication and various travel related products and services such as a ’Fitness to Travel’ assessment for employees working abroad.  We are a CQC registered private travel health clinic not an NHS practice.

A deposit charge of £25.00 per person is taken at time of booking against the cost of the consultation and/or any vaccinations or anti-malarials issued by the travel nurse.

Payment can be by credit or debit card. A larger deposit is usually taken for  multiple appointments and to reserve vaccines in short supply.  We accept payment in cash, by cheque as well as most debit and credit cards but NOT American Express Cards. 

Before your appointment, please complete the Travel Risk Assessment form below and bring it with you. Provide as much detail as possible about your trip and immunisation history to assist with your Travel Consultation.

If you are needle phobic, have problems with venepuncture, etc, it is important that you advise us when booking an appointment.  We can then give you suitable guidance and allow extra time in advance of attending.

Appointment times - The Valdoonican Travel Clinic always tries to ensure each appointment starts on time; however we are a medical centre, on rare occasions they may be clinical reasons for a delay in your appointment time.   For this reason we recommend that you always allow extra time before scheduling another meeting in your diary in case your consultation proves clinically complex and takes longer than planned.

Travel Advice Help Sheets

These useful documents can be downloaded for you to take on holiday by clicking on the links below. You may also find it useful to check on the NHS site.

ISO 9001:2000 Certificate No A12041e3 CQC Reference No 1-133733277w32.  SEQOHS - Certificate 40

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